Thursday, 15 April 2010

Totally Infatuated With Snow Patrol.

It's undeniable that Snow Patrol are an amazing band. I love everything about them; from their Irish roots to their genius lyrics.
Eyes Open - one of the greatest albums ever to exist, I could listen to it on repeat for days! Final Straw, also an amazing album; the home of the brilliant Run. And their new album, Up to Now, some of the most amazing live versions of their material I've ever heard.
As a person who has seen them live, it's safe to say they're incredibly talented. Their show was epic - without sounding too much like a wimp, I actually welled up. The atmosphere was surreal.
The band's lyrics are somewhat profound. They cleverly portray a message in a beautiful way, their songs make you think. Snow patrol bring everything to the table that a good band should, especially emotion; you are able to really relate to the lyrics and the music.
Whether it be on the box or live, they put on a funking brilliant show, holding the crowd's attention brilliantly.
Not a brilliant piece of writing, just wanted to share my love for Snow Patrol.
I am truly head over heels for Snow Patrol and even more so for Gary Lightbody!