Tuesday, 27 July 2010


    Not long ago, I was off on my travels to Edinburgh for a couple of days with the lasses. We stayed in the Old Town without realising and looking back, I'm really glad. We went on a ghost hunt, underground in the creepy vaults, hearing all the scary stories based on all that happened hundreds of years ago, which was worth every penny. We also visited Edinburgh Dungeons which was quite frankly, hilariously terrifying - the actors were great!
    However, the best part of the trip was the shopping. The Old Town was filled with individual and artistic boutiques and great charity shops. We discovered a shop called 'Lokaah', a gorgeous little Indian-style shop with walls covered in hand-stitched Indian quilts and blankets and shelves filled with handmade jewelry, scarves, bags and purses. It was lucky that we visited when we did as it has now closed down! :(
    We tracked down a treasure of a street called the Grassmarket, filled with all the vintage shops and quaint little restaurants, it soon became a favourite spot which I will visit many more times in the future. A bit of good advice; if you're into vintage, make sure to go to Armstrong's, the best vintage shop in town, from tartan pants to some wicked fancy dress costumes, it will fulfill all of your vintage needs! 

Me outside of Lokaah