Friday, 21 October 2011

I had a lecture last week on obsession. What are you obsessed with? What were you obsessed with when you were little? So I thought I'd share my list of obsessions with anyone who's reading...

My top 13 obsessions in no particular order... (random amount, I know)

1. The Moomins
I remember watching The Moomins at my Grandma and Granda's house after school, I absolutely adored it. Little My was my favourite character. A couple of years ago, my boyfriend at the time bought me two Moomins books which I still adore.

2. Lavender
I absolutely love the smell of lavender, it reminds me of my Grandma and Granda's house, Grandma always has some sort of lavender scented object in the house.

3. Oasis (the band)
I know there are some controversial opinions on this band but I can't get enough, they remind me of my dad, he loved them when I was little. I remember being really small and being at a family friends' house, my dad (in a slightly tipsy state) sang Wonderwall into a baby bottle whilst his friend (also in a slightly tipsy state) sang it into a hairbrush. I have their discography but my favourite album is '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?'. I eventually lived my dream by seeing them live at Murrayfield , the atmosphere was beautiful and I may have cried a little...

4. Peanut M&Ms
I go through phases of scoffing my face with peanut M&Ms and other times I go for ages without touching them but my love for them never fades! I always remember going to my great grandma's house and there being peanut M&Ms in a bowl on the bench. The same boyfriend that bought me the Moomins books also bought me the biggest bag of Peanut M&Ms you've ever seen in your life, it took me months to get through!

5. Cheese
The most random of all but I can't get enough of it, I'll eat any kind, any place, any time, I know it's incredibly unhealthy but I really can't help myself. In fact, I'm not even going to upload a picture of cheese, I can't find one to do it justice.
6. Little Miss and Mr books
I used to have a whole collection of these books when I was little, I was even part of the Little Mr and Miss club! The only one I have left now is Little Miss Trouble, which I'll keep forever.

7. Pockets
I can't imagine a life without pockets, I love them, especially on dresses, I can't explain it, maybe it's a comfort thing, I had to make a mood board about a particular obsession for uni and this is the one I chose.

8. Dresses
Although I've just sold quite a few of my dress on eBay over the summer, I absolutely love them, they come in so many forms, shapes and sizes and it's one easy, simple outfit. I think a dress can make you instantly feel better about yourself whether it be a daytime dress or an evening one.

9. Wrapping paper
Another really random obsession but I just love it. I actually get excited to buy people birthday and Christmas presents just because I get to buy wrapping paper, I always get matching tags and ribbons and bows and cards! Fenwick and Paperchase have the best wrapping paper. There's just something about a perfectly wrapped present!

10. eBay
Not only can you make a bit of extra money on here but you find some amazing things on there for not a lot of money! I also love the bidding aspect, I'm quite competitive so I get a bit excited when it comes down to it! My best find so far is a hand knit black mohair cardigan that I got for £1.04

11. DVDs
I've got no real expert knowledge of films but I absolutely love them and am very fond of my DVD collection, I have well over 200 now and I plan to keep adding. I will have a whole wall covered in them one day. DVDs remind me of being at home on a weekend and watching a good film with my family and eating lots of good food!

12. Books
When I was younger, I read a massive amount of books but as I've gotten older it's been more difficult to find the time to sit and get lost in a good book, I need to start making more time. However, I do have a lot of time for good fashion books, especially because of my university course. I just added two more to my collection, sometimes I don't even mind about reading all the words, even the pictures are always really interesting. I'm currently reading Blow By Blow at the moment - when I find time - if you like Isabella Blow I suggest you read it!

13. Vivienne Westwood
Although I don't have any of her clothing, I do have some accessories; a purse, a ring and some Melissa boots. I really admire her as a person and the rebellion of the brand, I could spend hours in her shops. One day I'll own a whole load of clothes from there, they're beautiful.