Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Dictionary; A Visual Interpretation

I wouldn't say it's the most useful of things but from an art perspective, it's really quite beautiful. Felix Heyes and Ben West, both artists based in the UK, have created a visual directory of the 2012 dictionary. The book is made up of images that first appear on Google for each word. The book represents roughly 21,000 words and contains 1,240 pages.

The book is essentially a metaphor for today's society and culture, it represents all that we indulge in on the internet - not always a positive message but somehow may give us a reality check. If the book can't do that for you then it's still something to look at and enjoy. I think if the book is mass produced, I'd definitely buy it or at least take out from the library... More likely the latter due to my student bank balance.