Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Today's Purchases: Dip Dye Levi's

I went into Newcastle for the first time in forever today, it was such a nice day, the sun was out and I met up with some friends I hadn't seen in ages. We ended up going to a really cool vintage shop, which opened quite recently, called Deep. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I've been hunting for the right pair of Levi shorts for months now and my friends persuaded my into buying these ones (I love!):

Everywhere I look now Levi shorts are so ridiculously priced but Deep have them for pretty reasonable money so I couldn't not buy them - that's what I've convinced myself anyway.

I really like the branding of the shop too, I thought it was nice that they stapled my receipt to a little card, it finished off the purchase. You don't get many small shops or brands doing that.

Overall I had such a good day with my friends in a city I love.

My friend spotted this in another vintage shop called Eric, I had to get my picture taken with it since Taylor is my surname.

We were given these free mini vanilla frappuccinos from Starbucks, they were so cute, and yum too.

Everybody chilling on the grass in Newcastle.


  1. I love Newcastle and always about in town because of how close I live to it. You should hit the town more often. It really has a nice atmosphere to it and the nights with the lights in Newcastle are even better. Get to The Gate for food and drinks.

  2. I've lived in Newcastle for 19 years so I'm pretty familiar haha. I go to uni in Nottingham now though.