Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hi. It's been a while. I've been working flat out on my dissertation for the past couple of months, alongside applying for jobs and you know, finding time to actually breathe. My latest project is on sustainable fashion, something I'm quietly passionate about. I've been adapting my own habits as  of late. Whilst I'll never be a 100% eco fashionista - there's not enough style-led ethical fashion within my budget right now - I am trying to be better. I haven't shopped at Primark in 10 months, I've started taking my trusty Urban Outfitters canvas bag shopping, rather than using plastic bags and I've tried to shop less, which has actually benefited my bank balance in a very positive way as well as a nicely edited, better looking wardrobe.

So in light of my dissertation, this is a little ode to our planet. You might not think of it's that important, but let's face it, where would we be with out it? Floating in space or dead, I should imagine.


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