Thursday, 26 November 2009

Champagne, cupcakes and gingerbread men.

Whitewall Gallery, Newcastle, defines what all art galleries should be like. For the last week I've walked past the window, admiring the incredible - emphasis on the word 'edible' - and beautiful gingerbread castle in the window. Tonight, Tec and I wondered inside... Soon to find out there's an event on to meet Sarah-Jane Szikora, an artist equally as amazing as the gingerbread castle. Her humorous approach to society today using gingerbread men and many more succulent sweets is truly ingenious and innovative.
We twitched nervously outside as we peered through the window wondering whether to go in; the contrast of an inviting room with a crowd of intimidating adults was strange. The mood changed drastically when a welcoming woman invited us in - we were treated like queens. Greeted with champagne and chocolates, the staff - dressed to match the decor - fussed around us as we admired an assembly of amazing paintings and a collection of incredibly inviting cupcakes. Szikora worked the room, mixing with the public in a surprisingly down to earth manner, why would such a talented artist be so run of the mill? Does one not understand how utterly brilliant she is?
After having such fun at such an unexpected event, I can officially say I have found a new love for gatecrashing art events, days like this should be remembered.

Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Symm (Tec)