Sunday, 29 November 2009

Vivienne Westood; conforming?

As someone who appreciates Vivienne Westwood's outrageously beautiful designs, I was disappointed to experience such an uncomfortable visit to her Newcastle Upon Tyne based shop. Are Vivienne Westwood staff conforming to the stereotypical high-class shop assistant that 'Pretty Woman' makes an example of? It sure felt like it.
As a 16 year old who loves fashion, I curiously wondered into the shop for the first time to admire. I opened the door and all three members of staff turned to stare with a patronising smile. I ignored this - I had as much right to be there as anybody else - and looked around, appreciating all of the gorgeous clothes whilst sensing the burning stare of three pairs of eyes upon me. I was asked three times if I needed any help and each time I said no, am I incapable of looking around a shop?
I barely got a chance to look at everything before I made myself scarce, I could hear the sniggers of all three non-northern voices as the door shut behind me. I wonder if hiring Northerners would bring down the reputation of the shop...
Is it fair to judge someone just because they look like they couldn't possibly afford such beautiful attire if they tried? It's okay for those who work there, dressed head to toe in Westwood clothing, it's not a secret that staff get staff discount, hence the name.
For a designer that is known for rebelling against 'the norm' of high couture designers, her staff pretty much contradict that. So, I'd just like to say thank you to those staff for giving me the most uncomfortable shopping experience i've ever had, thank God for high street shops.