Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New York City is everything films portray it to be and more. After visiting over New Year, I've fallen in love; pretzel stands on every block (I'm so american!), horse and carriage rides in Central Park, Donald Trump owning everything he can get his hands on - his face was even on water bottles!
However, I was disappointed to find out that I'll probably never be able to revisit anytime soon without the help from my 'rents. It's safe to say you definitel
y have to be more than financially stable to afford it. So if you're planning to go, get saving some $$$.
My favourite part of the whole holiday was definitely ice skating in Central Park on New Year's Day, so uplifting; you tend to appreciate the views so much, even if all you can see are trees because everything is that fantastic.
I'm going to finish here before I get started on the shopping... Oh, the shopping! I advise you to go to 5th Avenue if you're heavily into shopping, that's all.