Thursday, 4 February 2010


I struggle to find things to blog about sometimes but there's a rant coming your way...
What is with people hating bands when they become popular? I don't understand. It's becoming some sort of trend to hate bands that everyone else likes. For instance, Kings of Leon. Fair enough 'Sex On Fire' is severely overplayed but you can't just hate a band due to their success, to me it's madness. A band's aim is to write/produce music in order to make a living, they do this by becoming popular... correct me if I'm wrong.
As well as this, what's with people just dishing out record deals to every Tom Dick and Harry? Another for instance; Ke$ha. Who is responsible for inflicting such "music" upon the world? If there was an award for the person least worthy of a record deal, it's got to be her, her lyrics don't make sense, sometimes she doesn't even say real words and her voice, utterly terrible to put it bluntly.
Search 'The Midnight Beast feat. St£fan - Tik Tok Parody' for a much better written/produced song...

That's all.