Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Beauty Buys: Expose Summer Bronze Self Tanning Mousse

I have dealt with the pale gene for 19 years now and as much as I'm against trying to turn yourself orange, I would like a healthy glow for the summer. I went to buy some St Moritz fake tan today but as I was browsing, I came across this little gem...

It was only a mere 99p so as you can imagine, I was a tiny bit dubious about applying it to my skin, however, my student budget brain kicked in and I decided to take the chance. When I sprayed some into my hand it looked like hair mousse - I double checked the bottle just to make sure it wasn't. I wasn't expecting a great result but how wrong was I, I'm now sitting with a natural glow after only applying one layer and the best thing is, I don't smell like an odd flavoured biscuit.

It takes a few of hours to develop but it suits me down to the ground for everyday wear, nothing too heavy. I bought mine from Home Bargains, I did check out how much it is on the internet but no where has beaten 99p as of yet. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a natural tan, I've already texted my friend about it. Who needs to damage their skin with too much sun bathing when you can get tanned all the same for a bottle that costs 99p.