Wednesday, 15 August 2012

eBay Feeds My Shopping Addiction

Due to my choice to be a penniless student, my bank account always empty, in fact, it's in the minuses (sitting shamefully as I type this). Even though I've been working over summer, it isn't enough to feed my shopping habit. I start work experience on 3rd September and didn't have a stitch to wear. Dilemma. But thank god for eBay, I owe it to them for my refreshed work experience wardrobe. 

ASOS Cropped Lace Blouse

Warehouse Pu Leather & Chiffon T-Shirt

River Island Chiffon Blouse

H&M Brown Cropped H&M Jumper

Chiffon Chinos with Faux Leather Detailing

I also bought some black city shorts from H&M and some sheen high waisted black leggings from New Look. I love eBay for the simple fact it allows me to buy beautiful clothes for a fraction of the price. I also sell a lot of my own stuff on there so it's great for making some extra dollar too.

I've just started up new Tumblr & Cargo Collective profiles...