Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mimm Creative Event @ Nottingham Contemporary

Yesterday was the Creative Independent Market & Fashion Show held at Nottingham Contemporary. NTU Fashion Society was asked by Mimm who ran the event, to curate the fashions show in the evening. We spent yesterday collecting clothing and accessories from different brands around the market. We were also in charge of choreographing, dressing and styling the models. The day was really hectic and stressful but we pulled it off and it looked fantastic - the logistics team from the gallery helped us with lighting and sound which created a nice mood for the evening.

We worked alongside some really interesting and fresh brands, here are a few snaps I took but I'll upload more from the actual show when I get hold of them...

As well as curating the fashion show, Mimm gave us a free stall for a few of our members to showcase their brands. On the stall was Make The Noise Clothing by Ryan Eborall, some amazing photography by Kristen Guthrie and Little Teacup jewellery by Chelsea Arnold.